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Flat-bottomed steamboats became popular, many of them mooring at Alvord’s Landing.Soon roads were built, and bridges spanned the river.In 1883, work began on a rail line through the valley that connected up with the Northern Pacific, then owned by Henry Villard.But Villard had business troubles, and resigned before the line was completed.For 10 years hops were king, until aphids destroyed most of the crop in 1891.Nevertheless, hops were the catalyst that transformed transportation routes in the valley.Our designers and engineers have worked closely with our dealer partners to produce thousands of designs for a variety of wholesale commercial modular buildings.

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Starting in the fall of 1855, some of the local Indians decided to fight back.Over the centuries, the river sluiced through the mud bump, filling the valley with alluvium.By the time the first white settlers arrived in the mid-1800s, the valley was filled with rich, arable land — perfect for farming.This began what became known as the Seattle Indian Wars.Troops were brought into the area, and within a few months the Indians had retreated and the war was quickly over.

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